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Support us?

Our purpose is the distribution of knowledge on the functions and values of undisturbed nature (also called biodiversity or ecological services) for our recent and future generations. See our “Mission” for a more detailed description.

Due to the nature of the foundation (a fiscal ANBI foundation with our registration in The Netherlands), we have signed the obligation of publishing our financials at this website after every calendar year - the first time for the fiscal year 2017 as soon as we reach the financial level of our main obligation in the actual strategy plan.

We need a regular income for our activities. You can support by:
 1 Mentioning our name in your Last Will (Testament)
 2 Transferring a regular small payment to our account (see below)
 3 Sharing our activities via social media. Please note, that we have our mission available in 13 languages, to be chosen from this website’s frontpage
 4 Direct sponsoring of one of our future activities, like a congress

Gifts are welcome: Please contact us at 

Foundation’s details: Kamer van Koophandel nummer 66349575 Fiscaal nummer 856506722

Thanks a lot for your support !

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