Policy, Priorities and Actions

Strategy plan 2023 

1. Policy

As before, Nature for Life focuses the importance of healthy nature for our daily lives mainly on young people worldwide, as an electorate in a democratic system. 

2. Priorities 

2.2. Internationally designing and producing short internet videos with a humorous cover and a serious core to go viral for young people 

2.3. “Nature functions”, also called “Ecosystem services”, have direct links with “our”: a. Water b. Food c. Climate d. Energy e. Health 

2.4. Several independent sister foundations are in process to become a national Nature for Life: the same name, mission, logo, but independent in implementation and finances. 

2.5. Some innovations in the subjects under point 2.3 are being developed and results will be shared internationally with the sister foundations. 

3. Actions 

3.1. Finding the best producers for "viral going" short internet videos 

3.2. Replacement of charcoal for meal preparation by various other techniques with e.g. fermentation, solar, microwave and induction heating techniques 

3.3. Multiple and linearly scalable land use practices, such as the Energy Food Forest or EFF, where solar energy production can be combined with biodiverse food crops and rainwater harvesting, storage and irrigation. 

3.4. Installing the first "Bee Hills" in urban environments to increase local biodiversity 

3.5. R&D into methods for capturing and storing residual heat and CO2 from combustion engines 

3.6. Support sister foundations in setting up the first possible projects, such as an 'eco-corridor' around a polluted river for our 'pilot sister' in Gambia, West Africa. 

3.7. Supporting sister foundations in their national problems with waste plastic, aimed at infrastructure and fractionation. 

3.8. "Ecocide" is the widespread destruction of ecosystems, usually for private interests. Nature for Life supports actions that ensure that ecocide is recognized as a formal international crime 

As before, Nature for Life only works with motivated volunteers. Suggestions are welcome at info@natureforlife.org

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