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Priorities and actions

Strategy plan 2021

The first years of Nature for Life’s existence mainly had the character of orientation, as how to communicate with governmental potential partners and how to transfer knowledge about nature’s functions in society. This has been a period with relatively low costs, mainly absorbed by the staff members.

From beginning 2021 the first priority is the financing the design, production and world-wide distribution of short internet films for young people, where each “nature function” will get a place. A concept has been developed, where the youngsters will take care of a viral film distribution. The aim is having cyclic short films online about drinking water, food, climate, health and medicines, defined as the major nature functions.

For this plan, of course a solid financial base is requested.

In order to co-support the film actions, it has been decided to settle a “Nature for Life Foundation” in every country with the same mission, but with its own execution and responsibilities.

Some “example projects” will be carried out, like the replacement of charcoal in tropical countries by biotechnologically obtained bio-ethanol from waste fruits; the creation of Energy Food Forests (EFF's), multiple land use by the implantation of food forests, solar energy, rain water capture and planned irrigation; creating of more divers green in cities, for instance by creating "Bee Hills" and vertical green; and methods for local capturing of rain water.

Worldwide, still lots of CO2 and heat will be emitted by combustion (mainly diesel) engines in ships, vehicles, and industry. We will investigate, how this greenhouse gas and residual heat could be captured in situ and processed towards useful and economical applications. 

 The Nature for Life Foundation wants to play a role in the research on the feasibility of “ecocide” in the Rome statute and the process for realizing its international acceptance.

As before, the foundation will not have paid employees.

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